Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Brotherly Man-Love

Girls love the brotherly man-love. We love brothers who love each other. Almost all the shows I watch regularly have brotherly affection as one of the main elements. One Tree Hill, The OC, Supernatural, and Prison Break...there is nothing better than a pair of hot and sexy brothers who get all choked up over how much they love each other. Prison Break is the king of this. I just finished watching the first season on DVD so I could be caught up for the Season Premiere and this show makes me say "awwww" for the brotherly love like no other. What makes it above the cut is that it has the bad boy brotherly love. Girls love us some hard asses that get all smushy over their brother. Now Supernatural is second in this b/c Dean is a pretty big hardass, but the problem with that show's "awwww" factor is that all the lovely man-love takes place in the middle of a little something called the corn factor of killing demons, ghosts and monsters. Doesn't keep my mom from asking me if that show with the hot brothers is coming back on this fall. Mom, watch out I'm coming for you over Christmas Break with the Prison Break Season One DVD. Now One Tree Hill and The OC come in distantly behind these two b/c they have the "new" brothers. New brothers are sweet, but they just don't love each other like the ones who hunted monsters together thier whole life. They don't have that break your brother out of prison love. I don't know what is about two beautiful brothers running across the prison quad during a violent riot, covered in blood and bruises, to embrace each other that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, but I'll take it.

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