Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Project

I do not know what the hell I am doing with this blog.  It is getting downright egregious.  Y'all are getting reader's whiplash from all the changes in subject.

Here's the thing, the more you are found the more you are lost.  The more you figure out the less you know.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon how you look at it I suppose, life has no real finish line (unless you count death.)  Generally if you gain some sort of understanding or even finality in one area then another area to be conquered opens up to you.  Like the TV show Lost where every answer creates five new questions.

Which, as frustrating as that can be, it's necessary because I think that we need to strive more than we need to accomplish.  To put it in a less daunting way- I am generally in need of a good project.  Life is a good project.  This blog is a pretty good project from time to time.

I've been getting back into church lately.  I never left God or "religion" (such as it may be) but I fell out of the institutionalization of it all for a time.  So anyway, as any person who has been to a good ole protestant Christian church likely knows- the church loves to talk about letting God direct your life.  You know, Jesus take the wheel style.  Which I have always found it a little difficult to tell when precisely I am following God's desires for my life and when I am following my own.  Anyway, in a recent sermon my pastor said that the first step for allowing God to direct your life where he wants it to go is to just follow God's will in the form of his commandments.

It was something I'd heard many times but never put quite like that.  If you do the specific little things that God has asked you to do then the bigger picture perhaps becomes clearer.  Which is pretty applicable to finding direction and success in any one area of your life.  Do the work on the little things on a daily basis and the bigger picture becomes visible.  Sort of like putting together a puzzle without looking at the front of the box to see what picture you are making.

In light of the foregoing theory that life really has no appreciable finish line, perhaps the real question is, "Does it really matter where you end up if all the work your put in getting there is good and worthwhile?"