Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Never break in a new job and new shoes in the same week.

The above is good sound advice that I am currently learning the hard way.

Other things that have occured to me today include the vast economies of scale on Starbucks coffee. A tall latte at starbucks is $3.30 and a venti is $4.45. For about 25% of the cost, you can get a coffee that is well over 50% bigger. Either way it's a rip-off and as soon as they quit putting cocaine in it I will surely realize that.

Monday, May 21, 2007

You can go home again...

...and you should. But do not expect that blog updates will be as frequent in your first week (oh, guess I should have mentioned that before).

Never fear loyal readers I have a lunch break and blog updates will surely flow from this point on. Unless some innocent diversion shall impead me (it is summer after all).

More soon...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Family Values

Have you seen this show on TLC called 'Kids by the Dozen'? There is a marathon on today, and though I've been studying I've seen a family with 15, one with 16 and one with 13. Lots of people would call that...da da dum: SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE!! Ah, the dreaded title. The horror of those who fly in the face of social norms and collective conciousness.

My grandpas both had twelve brothers and sisters, and one of my grandmas had nine. My other grandma (who is German and lived there until she was 30) has one sibling, a twin sister. My dad has one sister and my mom is an only child. I have one brother and no cousins (my dad's sister never had children). Oh what a difference a generation can make.

My grandfather has told me about how each of his brothers and sisters would help out to keep the family going. The families I've seen on television today are doing the same type of thing. It's a necessity, everyone has to pitch in to keep the family afloat. These days we don't think children should have to do much work though. Childhood is supposed to be carefree and fun. It's almost akin to abuse to have your kids changing diapers and cooking. Not to mention the horrible cruelty of second-hand clothes and toys.

I really don't know what my opinion is on all of this. I think my opinion may be that I don't really deserve to have one. After all, I don't want others to criticize my life choices. Besides what do I know about the joy or sorrows of a big family? I didn't even have to clean my own room until I was in high school, I never wore someone elses cast off clothes, and I have no idea what it means to help out or go without.

One thing that does stick out to me is the hypocracy of criticizing someone for making the decision to have a large family when we support so many "alternative" lifestyles these days. It's funny. It's okay to be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, a swinger, masochistic, transgendered, ect. But those crazy freaks with all those kids...unacceptable.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Karma, bitch!

I really like to be right. It's one of my worst qualities. A while back I got taught a little lesson by fate, or karma, or God.

A friend and I disagreed about what artist wrote a particular song. I, of course, thought I was right and I knew I had the CD case in my trunk so I decided to prove it. The case was way in the back and I had to crawl back a little to get it. In order to do this I dropped my keys...you can guess what happened next I'm sure. Yes that's right, I locked my keys in my car trunk. Locked them in the trunk trying to prove a point about a song.

FYI: I was wrong, my friend was right.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I missed Heroes b/c of counterfeiters

This is what happened to me tonight.

I need to print something out. My copy card for the printers in the library is empty so I went to ATM #1, which is located in my building. to get cash to replenish it. ATM#1 was out of order.

No problem. I took a short walk across campus to ATM#2, located in a college dorm. ATM#2 has been converted to an exclusive US Bank ATM. I do not have a US Bank Card.

Fine. I call my friend who lives in my building to use her printer. She's not home.

Great. I walk out to the parking garage and to my car to go to ATM#3 a few miles away. My friend calls me back in route, but i decide to press on to ATM#3. I obtion the cash needed and drive back home, park and walk to the library. The law school is locked and my card isn't letting me in. Heroes has already started.

Whatever. I knock on the window and some chick opens the door. The two brainiacs already waiting and too dumb to think to knock on the window and I enter the building. I go to the library. The decidedly un-hitech card replenishing machine does not take multi-colored bills, which is what ATM#3 provided me with.

HOLY SHIT I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF! The guy at the circulation desk does not have any change. I call my friend back and tell her I changed my mind about her printer.

After wasting about twenty sheets of her paper trying to figure out how to get her printer to print on both sides of the page I have printed out my document. Heroes is over.

And that is how counterfeiters made me miss Heroes.

Unpopular Opinions

So I find myself, once again, with opinions contrary to that of the popular. Clearly I must voice them.

1. Why does everybody think the movie Elizabethtown is so bad. This just launched website, dedicated to bad movies, decided to feature it as their first bad movie. Is that like saying it is the worst movie ever? It's in my top five favorites ever. I laugh at every other line and I couldn't agree less with their contention that the characters' actions are random. I guess I just vibe with that movie in a way many people do not understand.

2. Today on The View (aside: I really don't watch daytime TV, but lately with nothing but studying for finals my breaks usually constitute TV or the internet so that is the reason for all the daytime TV posts lately) Joy Behar said, in reference to the Republican debates, that she couldn't believe that in this day in age people didn't believe in evolution. Well a) I don't believe in evolution and b) I live in the part of the country where A LOT of people don't believe in evolution. It just strikes me how out of touch someone who caters everyday to an audience of housewives who, most likely, are largely living in the midwest could not know that the half of the country that is religious does not believe in evolution. I mean at this day in age how can someone be so in their own bubble?

And the most embarrasing of the unpopular opinions...

3) I feel sorry for Paris Hilton. I do. I also felt sorry for Martha Stewert. I'm not going to try and justify it...I just do.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Law School Hell

I'm fond of referring to the lesser moments of my law school experience as moments in law school hell. At no time is the characterization more deserved than exam time. I thought I might give you a glimpse into the dark side.

Here in law school land students take final exams seriously. With good reason as, more often than not, the exam is worth your entire class grade. Most exams are three hours in length and may be made up of essays or over 100 multiple choice questions or some combination of the two. I don't know if it's the pressure of competition, the stakes or just a general obsessive need for control, but something makes most students get excessively overprepared in every way for an exam.

Now three hours is a long test, but in life most of us can get through that period of time without extensive provisions. I suspect I've spent many 3 hour periods without food, drinks, gum, medication, ect. But 3 hours of law school exam time requires provisions on scale with a nuclear fall-out shelter. Almost everyone at least brings water, in addition to water many people bring a soda, juice or an energy drink. A surprisingly large amount of people bring food: granola bars, peeled fruit, candy, ect. The girl in front of me today had a sleeve of peanuts and a pack of lifesavers. As an additional mesure of preparedness she opened the lifesavers, unstuck them, and layed them out of paper before the exam began. Some people bring good luck charms such as saints or coins. Some people bring a bottle of an OTC pain reliever (or Prozac disguised as such.) Most people have an excessive number of writing untensils. I myself had three pencils, three pens and a highlighter for today's test. Don't ask me what I thought would happen to five writing utensils that I might need a sixth...I just don't know.

I usually bring a beverage to a test, but I don't bring food or charms. I do bring peppermint lip gloss. There are several reasons for this. 1) peppermint is supposed to stimulate your memory, 2) lip gloss application provides small intermittent breaks in test-taking, 3) it's clearly become a test ritual that I'm not willing to acknowledge.

So yeah exams clearly make us crazy...some more than others.