Monday, May 07, 2007

Unpopular Opinions

So I find myself, once again, with opinions contrary to that of the popular. Clearly I must voice them.

1. Why does everybody think the movie Elizabethtown is so bad. This just launched website, dedicated to bad movies, decided to feature it as their first bad movie. Is that like saying it is the worst movie ever? It's in my top five favorites ever. I laugh at every other line and I couldn't agree less with their contention that the characters' actions are random. I guess I just vibe with that movie in a way many people do not understand.

2. Today on The View (aside: I really don't watch daytime TV, but lately with nothing but studying for finals my breaks usually constitute TV or the internet so that is the reason for all the daytime TV posts lately) Joy Behar said, in reference to the Republican debates, that she couldn't believe that in this day in age people didn't believe in evolution. Well a) I don't believe in evolution and b) I live in the part of the country where A LOT of people don't believe in evolution. It just strikes me how out of touch someone who caters everyday to an audience of housewives who, most likely, are largely living in the midwest could not know that the half of the country that is religious does not believe in evolution. I mean at this day in age how can someone be so in their own bubble?

And the most embarrasing of the unpopular opinions...

3) I feel sorry for Paris Hilton. I do. I also felt sorry for Martha Stewert. I'm not going to try and justify it...I just do.

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