Monday, May 07, 2007

I missed Heroes b/c of counterfeiters

This is what happened to me tonight.

I need to print something out. My copy card for the printers in the library is empty so I went to ATM #1, which is located in my building. to get cash to replenish it. ATM#1 was out of order.

No problem. I took a short walk across campus to ATM#2, located in a college dorm. ATM#2 has been converted to an exclusive US Bank ATM. I do not have a US Bank Card.

Fine. I call my friend who lives in my building to use her printer. She's not home.

Great. I walk out to the parking garage and to my car to go to ATM#3 a few miles away. My friend calls me back in route, but i decide to press on to ATM#3. I obtion the cash needed and drive back home, park and walk to the library. The law school is locked and my card isn't letting me in. Heroes has already started.

Whatever. I knock on the window and some chick opens the door. The two brainiacs already waiting and too dumb to think to knock on the window and I enter the building. I go to the library. The decidedly un-hitech card replenishing machine does not take multi-colored bills, which is what ATM#3 provided me with.

HOLY SHIT I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF! The guy at the circulation desk does not have any change. I call my friend back and tell her I changed my mind about her printer.

After wasting about twenty sheets of her paper trying to figure out how to get her printer to print on both sides of the page I have printed out my document. Heroes is over.

And that is how counterfeiters made me miss Heroes.

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