Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Seriously flawed

I got the idea from another blogger, Pamie (must see sites on right), to make a list of my flaws. In my view this serves two main purposes: 1) something for me to look back on and see if I've improved 2) something to make other people feel good about their flaws. So, without further ado...

i eat too much

i don't exercise enough

i watch too much meaningless tv

i only read the news i'm interested in, and skimp on the international issues

when walking down the street a "certain type" of person will make me feel uneasy

i think i'm smarter than most people

i procrastinate on schoolwork, housework, and everything else

i wear holey socks and holey underwear on laundry day

i think mostly that people's lives are their own fault and I don't think society owes them any help

i don't want to help people as much as i should

i can be a real huge bitch

i like being a bitch because i think people who let others take advatage of them are pathetic

i'm a republican

i don't trust most of my friends

i pretend to handle everything better than i actually do

i think people who allow their emotions to rule their life and who are too dependant on others are weak

i feel better when i spread my bad mood around

i like hilary duff and ashlee simpson music and i believe ashlee really has acid reflux

i've read every Harry Potter book at least 4 times, some more like 10

i stay up too late and then oversleep

i don't really like regular coffee, but i drink it because i think i'll develop a tolerance

i talk to myself

i sing out loud, even in crowds

i hate pets, i think they smell and they are more trouble than they are worth

i think rap music is detrimental to our society

i am deathly afraid of storms

i have a horrible sense of direction and i panic when i get lost

i totally think im right almost all the time

sometimes i like it when a big strong man can open a can that poor weak little me can't manage

i don't like men who are too emotional, i find it to be a turnoff

i have impossibly high standards

i make corny jokes

i make jokes at other's expense

i like some of the flaws on this list

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