Monday, November 28, 2005


First of all let me apologize to my loyal readers (yeah right). I have been remiss in my updates but I have good excuses. Number one, I caught a virus (a computer virus). Stupid me actually thought I got an email from the FBI and opened an attachment with a virus in it. A word of advice, the FBI doesn't send emails with questionnaires...they just come for your ass. Secondly I went home (to Springfield) for the Holiday weekend.

Now, good news! I got a new computer, which effectively eliminates the virus issue and I'M BAAAAACK in St. Louis...just ahead of some pretty nasty weather including a tornado (eeek!). Also, very exciting news, I got an IPOD...already so awesome. I spent much of today studing Contracts and uploading my CD's into I-Tunes. Which I am still doing.

I saw Walk the Line (Sheena!) on Saturday night. It was very good. I couldn't believe how well they sang and Reese Witherspoon was adorable. I was also interested to find out that Tyler Hilton played Elivis Presley. A realitively minor part but still. I doubt the first Mrs. Cash appreciates how she was protrayed, but it was based on Johnny's two autobiographies and his (and June's) son John Carter Cash was an executive producer so you know it was at least true to his point of view. Note to self: Ask Sheena if Johnny really did propose to June on stage.

Sucks to be back at school, but only three weeks left.

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