Saturday, November 05, 2005

Put 'em up!

So here's the thing, I LOVE Real Time with Bill Maher. This is contradictory because 1) I'm a Republican 2) I'm a Christian. For all intents and purposes I am part of the "religious right" and Bill Maher hates the religious right. The day after the last election he said, "the religious right is hijacking this country." While I see this statement is deeply flawed, it is extremely telling as to how Mr. Maher views religious conservatives. How so? Consider that someone cannot hijack something that belongs to himself. For instance, the owner of a plane cannot hijack his own plane. According to everything we know about the United States, it is owned by the people. Therefore by saying that a specific group could hijack the U.S. you are in effect saying that group has no claim on the country. They are not part of the ownership.
To me, this viewpoint is deeply similar to that held by the Democratic party and is the reason they are losing the battle against conservatives. Liberals discount entire groups of people that they do not feel are worthy of representation. In many ways I feel that the parties are not willing to ask the hard questions. How does one govenment fulfil the needs of groups of people as diverse as say homosexuals and Southern Baptists. Conservatives don't ask the question becuase they don't have to, they're winning. Liberals don't ask the question because... Well, that's the question isn't it?
I like Real Time because Mr. Maher is funny and he's right. President Bush is a bit of an idoit, Iraq has been a bit of a fiasco, and it is ridiculous to deprive any group of people of rights afforded to others. Any conservatives who refuse to acknowledge these things are delusional. However, under the Bush administration since 9/11 the market is up and unemployment is below what the economically savvy call the "natural rate" and all in all the country has recovered remarkably from a devistating terrorist attack. Iraq has, most likely, helped the middle east move closer toward free societies, and, while everyone is entitled to the rights afforded to them by this country's laws, no one is promised that anyone will make their way for them. America is the land of opportunities, not handouts. Any liberals who do not realize this are delusional.
In law, the burden of proof generally falls upon the party bringing the lawsuit. Why? In this country we don't suppose to attack people on the street, call them guilty, and dare them to defend themselves. Politically the burden of proof is on the Democratic party. You have accused conservatives of many things, but can you prove it? Furthermore can you prove that, given the chance, you can do things better? So far America says no, after all we elected Bush to a second term did we not? So, while liberals like Bill Maher may be right and they may be funny, are they really showing us how Democrats can make things better? Or are they simply focusing on what a horse's ass George W. Bush can be? Come on people we know he chokes on big pretzels and falls off his bike, but seriously Bill Clinton got little willy serviced in the oval office and everybody loved him. Plus, lest we forget, he's a Democrat.

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