Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When I die for the love of God do not snort me!

Okay first read this.

So to summerize Keith Richards snorted his dad's ashes with some blow. Let's take a moment and absorb.

Not being one to experiment with drugs I am unsure of the exact amounts of cocaine use it would take to think up this touching tribute. Maybe it was meant to be an homage to the fleeting nature of life, and highs. Maybe Keith was making some kind of social-political statement about the composition of drugs. Maybe he's out of his ever lovin' mind. The last is certainly probable.

My question is...What did he do with the rest of the ashes? A little in his coffee? Perhaps the morning eggs (or should I say mourning eggs?) Daddy chip cookies? Extremely 'special' brownies? Daddy with the laundry detergent...well it could go on and on really.

I bet Mr. Richards would have settled for the beach or the sea as his final resting place. Hell, even a nice Margarita on the that's an afterlife!

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