Thursday, March 29, 2007

That's right I flipped that shit...

So I don't watch America's Next Top Model, but long story short I did see some of the ANTM from about two weeks ago where they painted all their "models" up like murder victims. Specifically I saw the 'during the commercials of another show' parts. Let me just tell you that I got the jist of it. I saw some photos, heard Tyra say "fierce", and ignored a whole lotta whining.

Now even though I don't watch new episodes of ANTM, I am pretty familar with the show having stumbled upon a few to many VH1 marathons of the aforementioned and wasting many hours of my life that I will never get back. So let me say that these "violent" photos were some of the best and most interesting I've seen on the show. Enter controversy. As if you couldn't have predicted that people of the world might have objected to a bunch of women being portrayed as beautiful victims of violence. Not surprisingly, the backlash landed firmly in Miss I'm Tyra Banks and I Empower Women's back yard. Apparently telling women they look sexy all dead and bloody is not empowering (who knew, I like being told I'm sexy no matter what the circumstances).

I think I'm an anti-feminist Feminist. The easiest way that I can describe what I mean by that is to say that I don't like being treated differently then men in any circumstance. Including the special treatment b/c I am a woman and therefore a minority circumstance. I like to apply a rule I call "Flip that shit." In any situation which you think might be derogatory or damaging to women...flip it and apply it to men. If you would feel the same way about the situation applied to men then it's a bad situation. If you would not then you are being the kind of "feminist" (read: whiner) that I don't really appreciate.

So lets flip this shit. A bunch of male models posing as murder victims. Are we pissed about this? I think not. To me this is pure art and the people of the world need to shut the heck up about it already. Theory that these pictures were derogatory to women...busted. The end.

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