Monday, April 16, 2007

Story of a Monday

I wonder how this story will be told. There can be no doubt that it will be a tragedy. Yet even the saddest most tragic story has light and dark.

There will be victims. In death these victims will be pure. Cherubs pulled down from the skies before their time was spent. They are casualties of the deep dark places of life that mostly stay hidden. Through the story we will peek in, get a glimpse of these places-the endless holes of life's brutality.

The heart of the villan will be a place of much interest. Yet we will step away quickly. The endless darkeness is too chilling for a stare. At a glance we will see too much of what scares us about the world, and perhaps we will see a little too much of ourselves.

Besides victims and villans, there will be heroes. Their brightness will turn these brutal holes to shadows. Oh, I wonder who will be the heroes of this story? Who are these heroes that allow us to see ourselves reflected in the light in their eyes rather than the shiny black spaces of evil? Heroes allow us to go on.

In the end both the light and dark will dimish back into natural light. The story is told but not quite spent. The last page turned but the words kept locked in some corner of our minds. We never quite forget a tragedy.

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Anonymous said...

You're always insightful but this is really reflective and beautifully written.