Sunday, December 17, 2006

They don't serve breakfast in hell, but you get a decent wardrobe.

There's this Bebe commercial, I wonder if you've seen it. It features Mischa Barton. While I have no problem with the commerical itself, I mean it's not a great commercial or anything, but it doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the fact that Mischa seems to be alive in it. This is a problem for me because I thought she was dead. No really, I mean didn't she die in some really anticlimatic car accident back in like May?

The thing is, if Marissa Cooper died didn't Mischa pretty much die with her? Who is Mischa Barton outside of Marissa Cooper? Some vomit girl in the Sixth Sense who, I might point out, was also dead. I mean, Mischa Barton is totally dead right? Give me the evidence that refutes this. Maybe if she would have tried to do anything to distince herself from Marissa. I mean...same hair, same makeup, same useless non-expression expression. Hell she even has the same version of the Marissa Cooper Chanel bag and a Bebe commerical full of prom dresses. I mean really! How are they not the same person?

So I guess what I can get from this commercial is that heaven features a long limo ride to a series of red carpet appearences with numerous clothing changes throughout. Actually scratch that...Marissa Cooper totally went to hell.

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