Sunday, December 03, 2006

Things I am tired of...

(In no particular order.)

1) The Fray song 'How to Save a Life' If you really know how to save a life then quit singing about it and do it. You are not the Rembrants. You ARE actually a good band, you don't have to ride the coatails of Grey's Anatomy.

2) The RAZR. No explanation really, I'm just sick of it.

3) Memoirs. To be honest it kind of freaks me out that this shit happens to people.

4) Tyra Banks. I am so over Tyra's "I am woman hear me roar" bit. She's worse than Oprah these days.

5) Jessica Simpson. Brit is back honey, we don't need you anymore!

6) Talking about race and sexual preference. Life's too short and the world is too big.

7) Bashing George Bush. It's just gotten too easy people.

8) The color pink.

9) The Real World. Lets face it, nothing new is going to happen on that show. Call me when someone gets shot.

10) Birthdays. Did you know you have to get older every year?

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