Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey, it's a post about me.

On more final examination left on Monday. Tax law...yeah, shut up, you'll get yours.

So I'm going to my parents' on Tuesday and my exam is at 1:30 on Monday (til 4:30). I'm going to try and get all my Christmas shopping done on Monday night. Quite laughing! It's totally possible!

So yeah, I guess that makes me an optimist. Still, there is nothing I love more than some power shopping. It will be the perfect celebration for the end of exams. After two weeks of studying non-stop and 14 hours of exam taking Christmas shopping is child's play. I'll be taking some bitches out! See how I just went all gangsta? Yeah...don't mess with me!

So this post is pretty incoherent.

Sorry, but I'm saving all my coherence for tax law.

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