Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some thoughts on the Grammys (in case you cared)

In no particular order:

Can we finally all agree that the Dixie Chicks are just awesome?

Natalie Maines is married to Nathan Petrelli from Heros? And according to Wiki they have two children? Were others aware of this?

I can't believe that John Mayer's worst album beat out JT, Christina and James Blunt! Christina was robbed!

What would a country singer have to do to get a standing ovation on the Grammys? I mean they already won all the awards not in Hip-Hop or Rap about a little love from the crowd.

I though Rascall Flatts and Carrie Underwood were amazing. I would love someone to get Carrie to record Desperado for mass consumption.

Can we all agree that Christina Aguilera is amazing? Oh wait, we already did.

I was totally rolling my eyes at the whole "my Grammy moment" contest, but when that girl got up there with JT and I thought about how awesome that was for her I completely caved. Plus, she didn't completely suck which helped.

Oh, Chris still make me laugh.

Mandy Moore could not have looked more uncomfortable. Why does she all of a sudden think she is the most gigantic person in Hollywood?

Is Al Gore going to be on every award show this season? Just checking.

Scarlett Johansen is recording an album? Lord help us all.

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