Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sound Off

Things that are bugging me this week(end):

1. Sports

I know people like to watch sports on TV, but I am not one of those people. Sometimes I will watch football (when the Superbowl is on). Anyway the stupid playoffs for stupid baseball, my absolute least favorite sport (seriouly baseball is so freaking boring-anyway), are interfering with the FOX television schedule. FOX is taking half their shows off the air for several weeks so they can show baseball playoffs. You know what annoys me most about baseball? All the dang games they play. What is with the "series" obesession. Just play one game, see who is the best, and pull the trigger on this damn thing already. Then you could have your precious playoffs on the weekends and leave my televsion shows alone. Baseball is selfish. You don't see other television programs coming on day after day all interruping everything and selfishly monopolizing WEEKS worth of television.

My second major problem with sports concerns St. Louis Blues hockey, which takes it upon itself to interupt my television watching on the WB (now CW) during its season. This is especially annoying because they don't put the shows on hiatus but relegate them to Saturday afternoon at 5p.m. or something like that. Something is always going on Saturday afternoon and you always forget that the show got moved and then you miss it. Saturday at 5 p.m. is an open spot for a reason. Damn you hockey! The thing is NO ONE cares about St. Louis Blues hockey. No one. If I did care about it I could probably buy a ticket for like 2 cents and three peanut M&Ms and haul my happy ass down there to watch it live. Screw you St. Louis Blues, quit holding Gilmore Girls hostage on Saturday nights. Someday Lorelai is going to destroy you.

2. CNN

Okay you lazy bastards at CNN, I have a bone to pick with you too. What is with all the video news posts on the website. I log onto the main newspage to, you know, read about world events and shit and there aren't any articles. Just videos, lots of videos. Listen CNN I know it's primarily about the television for you, and I know you probably have a limited amount of people around there who can write but still. I'm pretty sure I heard that Anderson Cooper writes a blog, see he can write, maybe you could have him translate some of those videos into news stories. Too much work for a Vanderbilt? I see. Okay but seriously! I'm all for the option of see the video after reading an article for those visual learners and the illiterate, but I can't be watching a video for every little piece of news you have. I have shit to do. If I had time to go out there and just watch the news happen I wouldn't need you. Don't think I don't know why you put up those videos CNN, I do. I didn't miss that little commercial you always stick in at the beginning...advertising bucks. Still CNN, I'm all about the honest (?) dollar but you are pissing me off. You don' t want to piss me off CNN.

3. John Mayer

Oh, John Mayer, why did you have to become part of the problem? Did you really think encouraging sitting around and "waiting for the world to change" was a good way to go? Laziness and complacency John Mayer? This is your bright idea? Did you even think before you got out the pen and paper and put your misguiding words to a catchy, soulful tune? You are not Green Day. Please go back to singing about women, screwing up and disappointing you daddy. You know? Things you know about. Oh, except for women.

p.s. I love you don't take this personally.

The End.

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