Thursday, September 28, 2006

Every coin has two sides...

The title to this post makes it sound like it's going to be deep. It's not...

So my grandma is a phenomenal cook (like most people's grandmas). She's German and she cooks awesome German food and also really good Italian (which is kinda wierd) but anyway. My mom and I have this little joke about her cooking. See my mom has all her recipes and will make her stuff from time to time but it's never quite as good (this is consensus I'm not busting on my mom). Anyway we always blame it on the pot. My grandma has this cast iron pot that she cooks pretty much everything in and we say that it has "the taste of 1000 meals." That is, every dish my grandma cooks has just a little bit of every other wonderful thing she's ever cooked in that pot. That's the extra ingrediant. That's why no one else can ever get it quite right. Even though I say it's a joke don't misunderstand me, we acutally believe it. When my grandma comes to help cook for Christmas she brings the pot...the pot is magic.

Now for the other side of the coin.

I don't like to heat beverages up in the microwave. I have a teapot and I use it to boil water even if I just need a cup. Why? The microwave has the taste of 1000 meals too. Everything you cook in the microwave tastes like everything else you've cooked in the a bad way. Everything you cook in the microwave tastes vaguely like hot dogs. Even if you've never cooked hot dogs in your microwave. Anyway I think beverages tend to soak the microwave taste up especially well. It's gross seriously. I'm not one of those microwave lovers. How long has it been since we invented a better way to heat up food anyway? Isn't it about time for the next thing? I'm ready.


Anonymous said...

Well sweetie, I've seen the inside of your microwave so it's no wonder it leaves the taste of a thousand (more like a million) meals in your heated beverages.

I've got one word for you...Lysol.

Still love you even if you are a bit of a slob.


GirlFriday said...

I'll have you know that your microwave had the same effect. Also slob is such an unforgiving term I prefer neatness challanged.