Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tax Law is boring and other obvious things

If you pay your sister for legal services by building her a green house it could be income or a gift or it could be that you are just being effing annoying to confuse law students for your own amusement.

I'm 100% positive that everyone cracked up when they heard the "crocodile hunter" was killed by a stingray. Then they reached the line about his 5 year old daughter and immediately felt bad about themselves. Just because it's sad doesn't mean it can't be funny.

It'd be pretty funny to have a baby on labor day.

People in my tax class are confused by the fact that a bank loan isn't income. Shoot me.

I read the people article on Jessica Simpson and John Mayer. The "friend"/source's last word on the subject was that Jessica had been burned by the "hot" guy in the past and is happy to be with a guy like John. Question: Is People calling John Mayer ugly?

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