Monday, September 25, 2006

Spirit Fingers Fin.gers n. (sprt)(fnggr): the act of raising arms over head and wiggling fingers enthusiastically; often assoicated with cheerleading, the movie Bring It On, and being a complete idiot; works well in conjuction with small squeal or whoop.

I have been known to utilize the spirit fingers. In the privacy of my own home, with no one around if I'm lucky. Spirit fingers are a great way to celebrate life's small victories. Finish a homework assignment? Characters finally get together on your favorite tv show? George Bush makes a speech without using the word evil? Spirit fingers! Use 'em or lose 'em people (not in public now don't get carried away). Spirit fingers are an instant pick me up. Like a Black-Eyed Peas song or Johnny Knoxville getting hit in the balls with a rubber bullet. User beware though, they can be dangerous if used improperly. Dangerous to your reputation that is. If you are one of those people who think they can't sink any lower. If you feel like you've hit rock bottom... bust out the spirit fingers in public. I guarentee you'll find out that you were wrong. The ridicule will show you where rock bottom actually is.

Try them out people you won't be disappointed. When you find yourself a more happy, contented and pleasant person you don't have to thank me. Seriously don't thank me because if I find out you are doing the spirit fingers I will make fun of you.

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