Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things they are a changing

Lets begin at the beginning. I'm a Republican. I don't hate Donald Rumsfeld. I don't hate George Bush. I do hate some of things George Bush does and a lot of the things he says. I don't think he has done a bad job in office at managing things such as the economy and the war. I do think he has done a very poor job managing relationships such as those with foreign countries and the American people.

I would argue that, up to this point, the fallout from the Bush administration (for the American people) has been largely theoretical. This is partly predicated on my belief that Iraq has been reasonably well managed according to what my expectations were, now this argument falls down in light of the expectations of a large part of the American public. What I'm saying is that I don't necessarily consider the death of American soliders fallout from mistakes made by the Bush administration, but rather fallout from war. While death is always a tragedy and ripe topic for the blame game, I'm supporting the Bush victory track (commence argument regarding the impossibility, futility and irreverance of victory now). As I was saying...the theoretical fallout from the Bush adminstration: the downward spiral of the economy (not happening), the crumbling of the US due to national debt (time will tell), everybody hates us (maybe so but are you really feeling that on a personal level), ect.

The time of theoretical fall out has passed however, and we are now feeling the real fallout. And who is suffering for this? The Republicans (dems commence cheering, jeering and I-told-ya-soing now). So when it comes down to real, concrete, hard-felt consequences of Bush's terms in office, the Republicans are taking a good old-fashioned beating. Congressional incumbants such as Jim Talent and the numerous other congressmen whose seats where "picked-up" by Dems and Donald Rumsfled (who possibly deserves it) have been forced to take a bullet for good 'ole GW, while the former gets another couple years to redeem himself. He will step over the bodies of said sacrificial lambs and begin the Bush Administration Reinvention Tour 2006. Dems beware because this guy is a Pheonix rising from the ashes and he has convinced the public before. People are going to be partly pacified from the results of this election and if Bush can dig down deep and find his diplomatic side then they aren't going to be nearly as mad in 2008.

So on behalf of Americans Who Voted for George W. Bush I say:

To Republicans...I'm sorry but you did it too.

To are welcome.

To the American's hoping you are fickle enough to be pissed at someone besides us by the time you cast your next ballot.

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