Thursday, November 13, 2008

He's not annoying, he's my brother.

Living with my brother is somewhat of a challenge. I love the kid, but he is worthless around the house. Some of what has transpired in the past week:

Me: "How about you help me clean the house and then I'll help you rake the leaves in the yard."
Him: "I was kind of planning on doing nothing today."

Me: "This house is a disaster."
Him: "Yeah, we really need a maid."

Him (upon coming in from work and seeing that I had done the dishes): "Thank God you did the dishes. They were annoying me so much last night I almost did them myself."

Me: "What are the chances of me getting you to put up some Christmas lights this year."
Him: "Zero."

The thing is, there is just something about the little shit that is so endearing. I have no idea what it is, but it totally makes you let him get away with all the crap that he pulls. I think it's a magical power or maybe just a defense mechanism he has developed so everyone he meets and or talks to doesn't murder him.

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