Monday, December 29, 2008

The Definition of Weekend

About a week ago my brother/housemate mentioned that his friend/old roommate was coming for a visit this weekend. Now, this friend has been to visit for a weekend once before and let me say that the results of that last visit (The Weekend, Part One) did not endear me to the idea of another one ever again. Our house was a revolving door of drunk, rowdy boys that culminated in one night when no less than six of them came back to the house after the bars drunk, loud and prank calling Craigslist prostitutes WITHOUT MY BROTHER. My brother did not show up until noon the next day because, he who never meets girls, met a girl. Awesome timing bro.

So, could not have been less excited about The Weekend, Part Two until yesterday when I am suddenly struck by the realization that all I should have gotten my brother for Christmas was a big ass Dictionary because this "weekend" visit is actually from tomorrow (Tuesday) until next Monday. Wherein "weekend" = 6 days. What?

Whereupon he is so fired.

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