Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Change I Expect

We call the President the leader of our country, but have we really had a leader? A leader is someone who guides a group of like-minded individuals to accomplish some job or goal. I don't think we have had a leader in quite some time. If anything we have had an employee, an independent contractor we hired to do all the dirty work we don't want to deal with. We vote and then we point, "the problem is over there, let me know when you are finished."

The change I expect from President Obama is that I expect to be changed. I expect this president-elect to find a way to be an actual leader who inspires us to do something. The hope and change that we have been promised isn't the hope that Obama will be able to change things better than the last guy. The hope and change we have been promised is a change in the people of this country that they may be filled with the hope for a better tomorrow that they are willing to work toward.

The government of this country was founded to maintain fairness, peace, security and to give us, its people, the stability needed to work toward our own better lives. The government is the vehicle by which we the people establish this union. Just because we elect delegates to lead the union does not mean that we don't each have individual responsibilities to its upkeep.

Maybe the people of this country have been failed by their leaders, but we have also failed. Barak Obama will need our help to be the President he has promised. I hope you don't believe that your vote was a passing of the burdens of anything but leadership onto someone new. The problems of this nation have not been passed to Barak Obama, they continue to reside with us.

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