Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things that "W" and K-Fed have in common.

Did you ever notice how much "W" aka President George W. Bush and K-Fed aka Kevin Federline aka Britney Spears' husband have in common?

1. Both have trendy, easy reference nicknames adopted by their critics.

2. Both like to nickname their homies.

3. Both have approval ratings of less than 35%.

4. Each has, at one time or another, been dubbed "America's Most Hated."

5. Both got their money from the south.

6. Each has corrupted something that was beautiful about America (Bush's accomplishments are too numerous to mention.)

7. Both have strong ties to the oil industry (K-Fed LOVES to hang out at gas stations.)

8. Both are good at starting things, but bad at sustaining them (W-the war, K-Fed-relationships).

9. Neither will make it past 2008.

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