Saturday, December 31, 2005

Guess Who's Back

First my apologies for the absense, but I'm sure that everyone knows how it goes with family and Christmas (and parents' sucky dial up internet).

Being home is wonderful and horrible and fun and tiring and annoying and a little sad. I can't really elaborate futher than that (or I don't want to), but there is always a little tension between moving on in life and remembering to cherish the old times.

There is nothing more sad to me then friends who let life take them away from those they love. It's especially hurtful to realize (or think you realize) that what you had meant more to you then to them. Having grown up in one town and moved away when I was 14 and having gradually lost touch with friends that I have had since pre-school, I know how it feels to try and maintain a one-sided relationship and its frustrating but mostly its just hurtful to realize that friends will let time dull your importance.

Maybe I'm just pathetic to try and hold on to things that are so obviously past their time. Even so, I can't ever seem to quit letting it make me sad.

On the bright side, there aren't too many times when you can say, "Tomorrow's a new year."

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