Thursday, October 27, 2005

A little nappy-poo

Okay, first the title. My dad calls it that...really he does. He'll go lay down on the coach, turn on golf, and say, "I'm going to take a little nappy-poo." Now, who can blame him, because he is watching golf. Although slightly less boring than baseball, but I digress. Still, it's kinda wierd that he says that because he's actually a very masculine man. He's the GM of a manufacturing plant. He's the authority guy. I can only imagine what his employees would say if they heard him expounding on his nappy-poos. Anyway I took a little nappy-poo today. Although I should know better, because now I won't be able to fall asleep unitl late. Then I'll be tired tomorrow. Then I'll need another nappy-poo. Yes mom, I know! That's what you get. Anyway, it's all very interesting because I technically stopped taking naps when I was three. Which is pretty early for a little kid. When I was little I could never sleep during the day. I was the only kid at the babysitter's who didn't take a nap, and I never could fall asleep during nap time in Kindergarten. Up until high school I could never take a nap at all. Maybe all that lack of sleep caught up with me all of a sudden and I just got REALLY tired. Now though, naps are no problem, except that they are incredibly unproductive and they make it hard to sleep at night. So they aren't a problem to take, but they cause problems. Do other people have these problems?

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