Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Girl Friday v. The Garage Door

When you push the button to close the garage door it goes all the way down and then all the way up again. Over and over. Actually, there is this sadistic little pause in between where you think it might stay down after all, but it doesn't.

So then, you stretch way up on your tippy-toes and pull the little red string to disengage the electric opener and close it manually. A little old-fashioned, but doable. Wow it's super easy to pull down, yay. Wait crap, how do you lock it so someone can't get in the garage and steal all your stuff now? Oh wait, there's a little lever thing? Awesome! What? The lever is screwed in place with some weird flat headed screw that you don't have a tool for and is stuck anyway? No problem, just pull that little red string back the other way and lock it it into place. You can't reach the string anymore in its new position? Never fear, look a trusty umbrella. Stretch way up, yup that outta do it.

But whoops, at some point you have to leave again. That door is so easy to put up and down that it won't stay all the way up, instead it comes down little, by little, by little throughout the course of about 10 seconds. How are you supposed to get your car out of that? Well, just push it up and then run over real quick and pull that little red string the other way to lock it in place. What? The red string is hanging directly over the middle of your car now and you can't reach it? Well get yourself that trusty umbella again and open up your back car door; now run to the gargage door, push it all the way up, run back to the car, grab that umbrella, stand on the back seat, stretch waaay over the car, push the lock into place with the umbrella. Viola! Wait, how do you close it again?

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