Monday, October 27, 2008

10 Things to do before you turn 18

The following is based on my own experience or lack thereof:

1. Get in HUGE trouble that was totally worth it.

2. Be a make-out slut.

3. Make sure that at some point your parents hate your clothes, hair color, make-up and the number of body piercings you have.

4. Eat dinner with your family every night possible.

5. Do everything you are invited to do except anything destined to get you arrested, pregnant, infected with an STD or seriously injured.

6. Spend money on things you want but don't need.

7. Wear clothing, make-up and jewelry you aren't quite sure you can't pull off.

8. Sleep embarrassingly late.

9. Learn to ignore the words "normal" and "perfect."

10. Waste time.

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