Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some thoughts on Superman Returns (Spoilers Ahoy!)

People, Parker Posey cannot save your movie if you reign in her natural craziness.

Capes are sooo gay.

Glasses and a hetero hairdo a disguise do not make.

One completely selfless character per movie is about all I can take. Do you hear me James Marsden?

Where in the world is Kevin Spacey's screentime?

A kid with a trash can on his head cannot save your movie. A kid throwing a piano across the room comes pretty close.

Speaking of paino, chopsticks is a REALLY annoying song.

Don't you think Lex Luthor would have ripped Parker Posey's head off for throwing out those crystals?

Dogs that eat other dogs do not sit quietly in their owner's arms for the remainder of a movie.

Holy sequel set-up Superman (yes mom, I know that's from Batman).

Is it just me or for a really long movie did not much happen?

Peta Wilson is awesome! Please give her a bigger role in the sequel! Did you know her name in the movie was Bobbie-Faye. Does she look like a Bobbie-Faye? I think not!

I haven't seen so much blatant symbolism since Chronicles of Narnia.

World to Bryan Singer: We get it, Superman is our savior.

Oh and Mr. Singer while I have you here. Have you ever seen Star Wars? Have you ever seen your opening credits? I guess you failed to notice the similarity.

Superman Returns is to an epic movie as Eminem is to a black person.

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